Multiple Teams · Athlete of the Month of Sept- Strickland and Krapf

The Crown Trophy Athlete of the Month-

Aug Hannah Arras- Volleyball and Nathan Glastetter- Boys XC

Athlete of the Month- Sept
Gabbie Krapf- Soccer Cheer
Gabby is an excellent model of good character, exhibits great leadership and has extraordinary talent in cheerleading skills.  Gabby has assisted me greatly in improving the skills of underclassmen and those that have little prior experience in cheerleading.  She has maintained a positive, refreshing attitude that has driven the squad to a higher confidence level.  Gabby executes jumps that are hyper-extended and is versatile with her position in stunting (sometimes she is the muscle underneath a stunt, and sometimes she is the one at the top).  She is an all around, amazing cheerleader.
Maddy Strickland- Softball
.414 AVG
3 HR
23 RBI
14-2 W-L
1.98 ERA
90 K’s

Aug    Hannah Arras    Volleyball
Aug    Nathan Glastetter    Cross Country
Sept    Maddy Strickland    Softball
Sept    Gabby Krapf    Soc Cheer